DeLuxe Theater

1141 West Wilson Avenue
Built 1913
Architect: unknown

The DeLuxe Theater, located at 1141 West Wilson Avenue in Chicago’s then-fashionable Uptown district, opened in February 1913. The theater was backed financially by Frank Cuneo, a wealthy banana broker, and offered motion pictures as its primary form of entertainment. Ten cents was the price of admission. For its time, the DeLuxe was considered an elaborate movie theater. The theater featured a lobby walls lined with marble, 600 upholstered seats in the auditorium, and a large pipe organ played by Fred Sosman, organist at Chicago’s highly regarded Auditorium Theater. The elegant decor prompted one visiting movie theater manager to remark that “if the house fails at pictures, it could be readily changed into a church.” The lobby walls were lined with marble and the auditorium’s 600 seats were upholstered for the comfort of patrons. For many years, the DeLuxe was one of the largest and most popular movie theaters in Uptown. The opening of larger and even more elegant theaters in the immediate vicinity in subsequent years diminished the DeLuxe’s prominence.

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