Crawford Theater

19 South Pulaski Road
Built 1914
Architect: unknown

The Crawford Theater, located on the east side of Crawford Avenue (now Pulaski Road) south of Madison Street, opened on Saturday, 21 March 1914. It cost $150,000 to build and was affiliated with the Lubiner and Trinz circuit of movie theaters. The theater was owned and managed by Mark Heaney and the West End Amusement Company. Initially, the theater had a seating capacity of 900 and featured a pipe organ. In May 1925, Balaban and Katz acquired the theater as part of its purchase of seventeen Lubliner and Trinz theaters. For many years, it was one of the largest and most popular movie houses on Chicago’s West Side. However, the opening of larger, more lavish theaters in the immediate neighborhood during the 1920s undermined the Crawford’s preeminence.

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