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Welcome to “Jazz Age Chicago: Urban Leisure from 1893 to 1945.” This web site was established in early 1997 with the purpose of offering internet users, young and old, a unique resource for the exploration and investigation of Chicago history. More specifically, “Jazz Age Chicago” is concerned with the everyday social and cultural experiences of Chicagoans during, for the most part, the 1920s and 1930s. These experiences include, but are not limited to, partaking in various forms of commercialized popular culture, shopping at the city’s many department and chain stores, relaxing along the lakefront or in the city’s parks, or utilizing the city’s various forms of mass transportation.

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This web site was created and is maintained by Scott Newman. I completed a Ph.D. degree in history in December of 2004 at Loyola University Chicago and, before that, earned an M.A. in history at Loyola and a B.A. at Rockhurst College in Kansas City, Missouri. My Ph.D. dissertation, entitled “Boundless Pleasures: Young Chicagoans, Commercial Amusements, and the Revitalization of Urban Life, 1900-1930” examined the rise of a distinctive working-class youth culture in Chicago during the early twentieth century. Email inquiries may be directed to jazzagechicago@gmail.com.

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I welcome references to “Jazz Age Chicago” on other internet web sites and in other publications, electronic or otherwise, provided they are properly cited and credited. As a matter of courtesy, intellectual honesty, and the spirit of copyright laws, I reserve all rights to determine the use of this web site and its contents. For additional information about content use permissions, proper citation style, or the preferred hyperlink reference, please review my Copyright, Citations, and Hyperlinks page.


Please be advised that I disclaim all affiliation, past or present, with the institutions whose history is discussed within the pages of this web site. This is website is maintained as a professional endeavor to serve the public’s interest in local Chicago history.

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